Streets Division
City of Bozeman - Public Works

Challenge: Turn Road Rage into Easy Street
Drivers in Montana battle potholes, leaf piles, ice, snow, construction, closures, and more. How do we keep everyone moving smoothly and calm down City phone lines?

Tactic: Get Bozeman Street Smart
We updated drivers on road conditions from every side. Catchy commercials alerted them to winter and construction seasons, radio spots kept drivers informed in the car, digital ads popped up online, and social media provided up-to-the minute info. 

Mission Accomplished: Cruise Control
Informed of what roads to avoid, where to park for snowplowing and street cleaning, how to report potholes, and more, Bozeman drivers felt empowered to take on the road—without the rage. Complaints to the City about road issues plummeted, while snowplowing, street cleaning, and leaf pickup were breezier than ever for City crews.  

Insider Notes:  
We’ve built on our streets effort every year since 2013, updating slogans and creative to keep things fresh. This meant creating relatable City of Bozeman “employee voices” for radio, producing a hip hop flow for cartoon TV commercials, crafting custom campaigns for important niche audiences (like snowplow companies), and too much more to list here.  

Media includes social, digital, newsprint, TV, radio, statement stuffers, direct mail, door hangers, PR, earned and more.

City of Bozeman, Summer Construction, :30
City of Bozeman, Snow's Gotta Go, :30

Water Conservation Division
City of Bozeman - Public Works

Challenge: Save Water, Without Being a Wet Blanket
It’s easy to forget to save water, even though the prospect of drought is both real and scary. Our mission: get Bozemanites watching their water, and spark a productive (not panicked) conversation about drought. 

Tactic: Immerse Bozeman in the Upsides
We put a positive, actionable spin on all the ways Bozeman can save water. Our free planting brochure taught them drought-friendly lawn care, cheeky rebate ads tempted them to upgrade to WaterSense® fixtures and high-efficiency washing machines, and subliminal drought messaging offered them a non-alarmist reason to engage.   

Mission Accomplished: In the Know=In the Flow
With water top of mind, Bozeman started upgrading toilets and washers, planting more resilient landscapes, watering more efficiently, and lowering overall water waste. By easing into the drought issue now, we’ve prepped Bozeman for an evolving, productive conversation about drought in the future. 

Insider Notes: 
Since 2014, we’ve asked businesses to “aim and save” on upgraded urinals, residents to “wake, water, and roll” their sprinkler systems, and taught gardeners how to have “more lawn for less green.” We’ve slipped drought references into the 2017 planting guide as well as under the Chronicle’s weather report, productively raising the issue. 

Media includes: intensive digital/mobile geotargeted campaigns, statement stuffers, rack cards, direct mail, point-of-purchase, brochures, radio, print and more. 

City of Bozeman, Irrigation, Radio :30

Solid Waste Division
City of Bozeman - Public Works

Challenge: Keep Bozeman from Getting Dumped
When we first were tasked with trash duty, recycling options were limited, our Clean Up Day kept getting rained out, and most citizens weren’t aware of Bozeman’s trash services beyond weekly pickup. 

Tactic: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We repurposed the City’s solid waste vehicles into billboards on wheels, alerting residents to Bozeman’s garbage and recycling services. Then, we worked with the City to roll out a new recycling program with consumer friendly resource materials and information, including an easy-to-follow recycling pickup program, with supplemental bins downtown and at events. Finally, we expanded Clean Up Day into a year-round program where any concerned citizen group could pitch in to pick up, anytime—without requiring nearly as much City personnel involvement. 

Mission Accomplished: Everybody’s Talking Trash
With catchy slogans on our service trucks, Bozemanites quickly learned key City services—engagement was so good that our recycling truck driver requested we remove “honk if you recycle” from his rig on the last redesign. Multiple groups pitched in to lead a Cleanup Bozeman event, and the response to the City of Bozeman Sold Waste services blew through all expectations.

Insider Notes:  
Our garbage days began in 2013, when we first suggested wrapping City trucks with “We Get Garbage” and having Bozeman “Mix It Up” with recycling—with radio, print, bins and trucks to match. When tasked with a Clean Up Day ad in 2016, we responded with a whole new strategy for the underperforming, labor-intensive event, transforming it into a low-maintenance, successful community program. 

Media includes social, digital, direct mail, newsprint, statement stuffers, door hangers, PR, earned media and more. 

"Sorting Just Got Simple", Radio :30
"Guy From the City", Radio :30