Technically, the Nest Collective was founded in 2014, but our founding mothers go way back—we’ve all worked together for over a decade. After years of honing our skills together at an award-winning ad agency, we united our skillsets into a unique collaboration of independent contractors to tackle big projects.  

Over the years, we’ve also partnered repeatedly with talented web designers, copywriters, recording studios, printers, and other experts in the industry—so we’re ready to drum up a custom A-team for any project.

Kendra Profile.jpg

Kendra Callantine, Project Manager, Account Manager and Media Buyer
Kendra creates a clear trajectory for our projects, seamlessly managing our team, deliverables, budgets and deadlines while keeping our clients up to speed. She also lands our exceptional media opportunities, relying on over 20 years of experience and connections in Montana media.

Clients appreciate Kendra’s down-to-earth demeanor, counting on her to clearly present the best practices for their needs. Our partners appreciate her rich experience—while she currently focuses on media buying, client relationships, and project management, she’s also well-versed in brand identity, consumer research, brand management, and design.


Becky Edwards, Public Relations, Communications Strategy and Outreach
Becky tackles communication strategies with a potent blend of determination, wit, creativity, and resourcefulness. Relying on over a decade of high-level public relations and marketing successes, Becky’s communication strategies speak directly to the heart of their intended audience.

That’s no accident. Between a work ethic born on an Iowa farm, skills sharpened at a leading agency, and a sunny charm all her own, Becky is known for spearheading effective, targeted outreach and PR efforts that demonstrate impressive measurable returns.


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Robyn Egloff, Creative Director
Robyn approaches creative projects with an effective mix of artistic skill, common-sense practicality, experience, and humor. With 15+ years of successful design and branding projects under her belt, she swiftly uncovers elegant, simple solutions that work across multiple mediums—on time and on budget.

While Robyn adeptly sees projects through from initial identity to creative strategy to the smallest production details, her areas of expertise include brand identity, logos, annual reports, catalogs, brochures, web design, interactive media and traditional print advertising.